Add color, texture and style to a bedroom wall with this easy-to-paint rainbow shiplap wall. This colorful accent wall is perfect for a children’s room or a playroom.

Girl Room with DIY Rainbow Shiplap Wall

We love to see photos of what readers have built with our woodworking panels. When Kimberly from Home_kimproductions #imaremodelaholic met our plans on this construction of the bed frame of her daughter’s house, we were IN LOVE!

But the star of this room is not the bed, as much as we love it!

This rainbow shiplap wall is perfection-what a little girl wouldn’t like a rainbow shadow background for all her recreational adventures!

Kimberly was kind enough to send us the information and colors so that you can create a rainbow accent wall in your home, too. Be sure to check out all your gorgeous home projects on Instagram!

Tools and materials

  • 1/4 “Plywood sheets (8 sheets per sheet at 5.5” thickness) – see step 1 to calculate how many sheets you need
  • Colour
  • Paint roller
  • Pencil
  • Nail gun
  • Finishing nails
  • Table saw or circular saw with edge guide (or many shops tear plywood for you)
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Stud Finder
  • Canvas
  • 2-3 Nails (used as spacers between rows)
  • Miter

Shadow Rainbow Wall Painting Colors

We have just purchased BEHR pattern sizes in satin / eggshell coating from Home Depot. I also had the samples, so I could see the colors on the wall, before I did anything.
If you need a different color, maybe orange would work.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the area of your wall to determine how many plywood panels you need.

A plywood board is 8 feet x 4 feet, which corresponds to 32 square feet. Our wall is 12 feet x 8 feet (96 square feet), so we used 3 plywood panels.

Step 2: Find The Bolts

Find the bolts with your bolt detector (usually 16″) and draw a line vertically with a pencil and a plane. Here you will nail the bolts.

Step 3: Cut The Shiplap Boards

Use your table saw to cut your plywood board. Cut the sheet horizontally 5.5 ” thick. You will be able to get 8 pieces from each sheet.

You do not have a table saw? Don’t worry, Home Depot or Lowe’s can reduce it for you in most stores. You can also use a circular saw with an edge guide like this.

Step 4: Preparation For Painting

Place a tablecloth and place the boards in rows along the length of the wall to make sure you paint each row in the right color.

Step 5: Paint The Shiplap Boards

We poured the paint directly onto the wood and used a paint roller to roll it. We had to make three shifts for the best coverage.

Let the paint dry between the layers. You should be able to start with the first color once you have completed the last color.

Step 6: Cut The Shiplap Boards To Length

You want to move the ends of the boards. Cut the pieces vertically in random places with your miter saw so that they look like a real shiplap wall and not like a straight line along the wall.

Step 7: Install The Painted Shiplap Panels

Once the last coat of paint has dried, you can start adding the painted boards to the wall.

If you use spacers, the color of the wall will be displayed a little, so it’s time to paint this wall if necessary.

We started from the bottom on the wall, but if we were to repeat it, we would have started from the top. This ensures that if you still have space and need to tear a piece, it will be down instead of up.

Start on one side and use a nail gun and finishing nails to attach the boards along the line where you have identified the dowels.

Once you have reached the end, you will probably need to cut your last piece to fit into the remaining space. Just use your miter saw to cut the last piece.

Step 8: Distance Between The Boards

OPTIONAL: once you get the first row down, start the next row, but you will use the regular nails as spacers between the two rows. This will make it look more like shiplap. Continue all the way down the wall.

Remodelaholic Note: You can also use popsicle spacers like this Faux fireplace facade or nickel used as spacers like this shiplap wall.

Step 9: Finish

Once you get to the last row, (if necessary) tear off the last piece as needed to fit and nail.

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