I’m effectively flushed on what I’ve been working on this past weekend… (Note: this has a lot to do with painting!!)

When we first went to our present house individually, there was a lot of color on the ground floor, but we have redesigned the walls a little bit. What this did was to create an open entrance/ living / dining room / kitchen. There is A whole room now,so you have to see colorful pieces of every old piece!

The first time project in our house was not the time to create the space, times they did it all in white young and young it was a recording. We have heavily textured walls, and the evil of textured contractions really nimt during painting special attention to the wall, so that the paint fills all the gaps in the U-ugh structure!

Well, after a lot of work painting, first I was taught that it was done, and two more I had to record that the house met bored that knows. Don’t get me wrong, I like the bright white rooms effectively, but in this room there was not enough contrast to make it warm. I realized that we needed more color. But was not about to make the effort to paint again (at least yet!!)

Paint My Interior Doors

So I went along a whole song (for myself) by using medium-sized gray IKEA kitchen cabinets and BEAUTIFUL attachments Gold hardware (in my yet unfulfilled kitchen…) but this is as much of development cooperation as I went for the color. Then during the parade of houses I saw a house that was mainly white walls with accents of gray (Kellerhoff), gold (Kellerhoff) and BLUE. Guys?! I was sold.

It was the color I was not found… but what blue color exactly?

You see, I’ve been collecting blue and white dishes for 18 years (since my sister brought me a set from Japan), but I’ve never used them day to day… but these are all blue ones, so which one should I choose? (And don’t look good on my new open shelves!)

Behr’s 2019 colour trends were exactly the answer! Each palette highlights the color of BEHR 2019 of the Year: a, blueprint — a very beautiful, soothing semitone blue.

Honestly, when I read the description, I laughed out loud – because that’s exactly what I was working on! Yesterday is the description:

“A full range of blue, teal and grey is a match for 2019 colour trends. Overlay light and dark blues on cheeks, borders, furniture and decor elements for inclusive benefits. The brushes of metallic gold give a high of luxury.”

PRECISELY!! I need a designer-inspired invention in this house! Why choose only one shade of blue?

So my new painting project was about to start! FIRST? This doors were in the beginning to change!

We close, with Dark Navy S530 – 7 (as included in the binge color palette) for all the doors on our ground floor (minus one– the wooden barn door-but I had originally planned to paint it, also we will see if I have the courage to paint it…) In my early houses I painted my doors in black and very dark gray, but for this house that tells me to be neutral, and I feel it would be a bit boring. We brew the color and that’s where we start.

Tips for painting Interior doors

When you paint doors like this hollow-core door made of artificial wood, I ALWAYS USE a brush. The use of a brush mimics the appearance of the wood grain and actually works better than a roll (EVEN a foam roll), since they have a light orangery, even if the rolls are super smooth, it is exceptional)

Always follow with the” grain ” of the wood – even if it is a false wood grain.

Be sure to pay attention to the construction of the door – the horizontal rails compared to the vertical posts-and pass your brush stroke to the construction and the grain.

When the rails and posts of the wooden door meet, be very careful not to deposit any bush tracks that go in the area of wood grain.

Working in parts. I start from above and paint the top rail, the two side paws and the 2 raised panels. Looking over every intersection I go to avoid large color beads.

Clean your brush between the gates. One of the main problems with the described brush work is the dried paint on your brush, do not take the little bit more time to wash the paint and clean the collection of dried paint. Your finish will thank you.

Finally, for doors, you should opt for a satin or semi-gloss upper limit. You want some shine so you can keep your doors clean!! And that’s an easy task!

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