Yesterday is what our living space looks like. It is one of the few rooms we have not seen since we moved into our house almost five years ago.

As a family of five, we spend a large part of our time in the house. I have the vision to walk courageously and dramatically while keeping it simple and fresh. I got rid of the gallery wall and wanted to create a clean look without arrangement.

We love it so much! Yesterday are the changes we have occurred:

We add panels to the wall and paint them with Behr paint.

The inexpensive manufacturer quality fan has been replaced by a beautiful rustic fan from Hunter.

The coat was painted in the same color as the dark paneled wall with the same color.

We have the original color at the remaining changes and the color has adopted the processing with Behr color to get the white color. The original color of the Builder trim was antique white from Porter Paint. The Home Depot painting department can pass pretty much any color as long as you have the name.


I want to create a board and latte view of the main wall of the TV.

The big TV went nowhere and it was so painful to see. To create this wall, I want to do the look by drawing it on paper. My husband, Jimmy, helped carry out my design. It’s such a good sport and making these DIY projects speakers has become a fun pastime for some.

We used 4 x 1 rectangular primer made of mdf to create that out of the board and the latte. An important requirement is to go to your local Home Depot store and expand the table you can buy to get the actual measurement before performing any of the executions. For the game our 4 x 1 boards were actually 3½ inches wide. Jimmy started with the horizontal sticks and then went vertical.

Each trim is 8 feet long and we used a 10-inch ryobi treatment saw to reduce it to the large one. Jimmy marked the boundaries where the boards would be mounted.

We use an 18 volt Brad Ryobi nailer to mount the connection to the wall. I can only say how great this brad nailer is? This tool is one that will come in handy for many different projects. A nice tip when managing the Brad Nailer is to push all the way so that the nail head gets under the top plate of the board.

When the manufacturing is assembled, use a wooden filler to fill all the closures as well as nail holes. After the wood filling has hardened, grind until the upper level is smooth.

Then he is ready to go!


While Jimmy was working on the signs, my mother came and helped me paint. Isn’t she cute?

I want the white to be as white as possible, so I applied for the intended marketing and painted it with Behr paint in an eggshell gloss. Times on the cheeks yellow-beige makes a big difference in the preparation and updating of our room.

The paneled wall took two recessed paint and even my sweet neighbor Jennifer came to help! Surprisingly, the entire project only takes three days.

The paneled wall is surprisingly bold and I like the extra dimension it adds to dm space. He has managed to minimize the monstrosity of TV. If my sweet husband can help me run all my glass design and DIY games, I think I can at least let them have his ugly TV.


Changing your fan is an easy way to keep your rooms up to date. I find it difficult to find good inexpensive options when choosing a fan, but I was so happy to find this hunter that I have found online.

We moved furniture and decoration instead of buying new items. Always buy your home first! We also moved the curtain rods higher and wider. It is a simple and easy way to make your windows look bigger.


I love how the new wall highlights our beautiful media from the middle of the year. Before, he lost himself in the crowd of the gallery wall and the beige walls.

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