For more space-saving furniture for small spaces, build a folding stepladder stool or a corner shelf and a closet. Also learn how to install a pocket door or a rolling barn door to create space on the floor.

I’ve been working on building up a few different things over the past few months. One of the projects was this handmade farmer’s table with apron and corner stands, and my current post-folding craft table with storage space.

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Reusing most of the wood I work with is very important to me, and wood is a great material to work with – I always find a way to reuse boards or smaller cuts. But of course, you can buy wood to build this folding Desk.

Inspired by the design of the IKEA Norden gateleg table, this folding craft table features 2 folding gateleg table sections, with a central fixed section containing 2 easy-to-move storage shelves. The shelves fit most sewing machines, which makes them a great sewing room table for those who use a spare room or a guest room as an office or craft room!

Dimensions and properties

The overall dimensions of the gateleg office are: 66 1/4 “W x 26 1/2″ W X 29 1/2 ” H

This folding table with storage has 2-26 ½ ‘folding table sections with a narrow storage area 2 13 ¼” wide shelves in the middle, which is suitable for most sewing machines.

The shelves use a stand with the plywood shelf attached at the top – this method gives you the great “borderless” look-perfect for slipping in and out!

Gateleg 26 1/2 ” square table parts are large to use plywood remnants, and 1×2 and 2×2 materials for the table frame can be remnants of other projects.

You can also create your own 1×2 and 2×2 boards by tearing 2×4 and other larger woods with a table saw.

Level of competence

This project is somewhat advanced, but I’m pretty sure that even a beginner will achieve this with my printable PDF woodworking plans.

Skills to build your own gateleg folding table:

Basic knowledge in carpentry, including how to read a cut list / chart, how to measure and cut accurately, and how to check / adjust the square
How to use a pocket template to attach boards

The Necessary Materials

This material list is also included in the printable PDF woodworking panel for your convenience. The 10-page plan also includes a detailed cutting list, and Assembly instructions.

Build a folding table or craft table

The printable woodworking panel contains all the steps necessary to build this IKEA-inspired gateleg table. Just download and print the plans for the store, then you are ready for a trip to the wood store to start construction!

This table is quite light and easy to move, and you can make it even more portable by attaching leg rollers to the bottom of the table base and to the left and right gateleg support frames. Use these slipstick floor protectors or rollers With soft rubber swivel plates and these for the side frame > Door Stopper.

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