How to Make This Wooden Table Lamp

When The Home Depot challenged me to make something cool out of wood, I jumped at the opportunity to make something epic for the new desk that I built. Being a graduate student and blogger, I spend a lot of time writing papers and posts at my desk. But, it’s really hard to stay inspired when there is very little to look at around me. Pictures and plants are cool and all, but it is so satisfying to stare at something you created.

That being said, I scoured my local Home Depot’s millwork aisle for some inspiration, and came across 1 in. square dowels. Naturally, my brain went to the opposite end of the home improvement spectrum, and I immediately thought, “a lamp!” So, I gathered up my supplies from my local store and got to it.

Step 1 – Build the Frame

To build the frame, you will need to cut some of your dowels into the following parts:

(4) 12 in. Long Pieces

(9) 5 in. Long Pieces

(Be sure to keep the ties on the pegs for the step where we do the ” X”)

Secure the frames together by nailing and gluing the other four pieces together to create a box.

The left on 5 in. piece is fixed on top of the box with nails and glue for installation of the lamp kit after (see step 4).

Step 2-Make the ” X”

To find out the angle of your larger “X” parts, align a longer dowel diagonally under the frame.

Once you are satisfied with where it is threaded, make marks with your pencil for cuts.

My pieces required 47 degree cuts at both ends and were about 10 5/8 inches tall. on each side.

Cut a piece with your measurements and make a dry adjustment to make sure your calculations are correct.

If it suits you, cut another seven diagonal pieces (eight in total).

These ” X ” models are made with a total of three pieces. To find the smallest pieces, repeat Step 1, but this time hold the long diagonal piece in place and hold one of the cut pieces underneath.

Perform a dry seat with all three pieces (do not worry about small gaps, you can fill them after with a wooden spatula).

Make marks where the smallest pieces meet the longest pieces.

Use wood glue and Brad nailer to fix the three pieces together.

Follow the marks you have made with your pencil as a guide.

Attach the ” X ” to the frame with wood glue and metal nails.

Step 3-Finishing

Apply wood putty to all holes and holes in the workpiece. Once the putty is dry, sand the entire base.

Apply a stain and / or finish.

Step 4-Install the Lamp

Drill a hole in the room that you installed on the top of the Lamp. Here you will thread the set of lamps through the wood.

Use a drill that has about the same width of the shank included in your Kit.

Install your lamp kit according to the instructions on the package.

Add your favorite shade, and that’s it!

What I like most about this Lamp (in addition to its affordable price) is that it combines contemporary and rustic beach design very well. So if you’re like me and can’t always go for just one style option, creating this Lamp can be a great Option for you!

Sam Raimondi is a Yoga teacher, PhD student in school psychology and passionate handyman from Long Island, New York. On her Blog DIY Huntress, she specializes in basic carpentry projects, DIY ideas and creative crafts with a strict budget and firmly believes that Creative doesn’t have to break the bank.

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