Stylish kitchen makeover with the help of a kitchen designer

After Years in several Rentals, we have our Share of bad Kitchens seen. When it came time for a makeover in our first home, we knew exactly what we wanted—and more importantly-what we didn’t want!

One of the things we liked most about our home when we bought it three years ago was the opening of the main living room, except for the kitchen. We knew he had potential. With a new space plan, lighter surfaces and improved cabinets and appliances, our kitchen has gone from narrow and inoperative to a room that flows with the rest of our home.

Local Brooklyn

It was so easy to work with the Home Depot kitchen designer to bring our exact Vision to life! Come in to see how it went!

First of all, here is a Before. The room was dark and narrow for one person (let alone several people). Narrow walkways, an awkward, hard-to-reach corner sink, a tiny island, sloping tile transitions, and cramped corner cabinets made the room claustrophobic.

After a meeting with the kitchen designer at Home Depot, we were able to solve the problems with our space and find solutions with Kraftmaid cabinets.

Custom Flooring

As we had hardwood all over the main living room except in the kitchen, we wanted to remove the tile and bring the hardwood into the kitchen for continuity and flow. We installed unfinished hardwood in the kitchen, then the floors were sanded and refined.

Current Cabinets

After planning and working through the plumbing, electrical and floors, WOW it came together in just a few days after the cabinets were installed!

Kitchen Makeover Recent Revelation

We also demoed the right corner wall to open up the space and fit a large central island. I love how open it feels now! The Island is probably my favorite part of the Room. We went from a small island that was basically just big enough to accommodate the hob to a 6-ft. x 7-in. x 4-ft. x 4-in. worktop. Perfect for food preparation and for friends and family to gather before eating.

We were able to get a custom cabinet look without the price tag by using Kraftmaid cabinets creatively.

The floor cabinets to the right of the refrigerator were created by stacking several cabinets to reach exactly the right height. Adding a row of drawers breaks doors and adds storage space for small flat items such as utensils. The simple flat shape at the top offers room to get it perfectly at the top.

Pro Tip: If you have uneven wooden ceilings like us, you get a two-part shape. There is a little more flexibility to adjust as it is installed.

Another way we used Kraftmaid cabinets was through The Island. It consists of a 24-in. deep cabinet and a 12-in. deep cabinet with an end plate that fits the doors on either side to cover the seams where the cabinets meet. Added a 14-in. cantilever and 3-in. square feet offers plenty of Storage space and Space to Eat!!!

One of my biggest complaints about our previous kitchen was the lack of intelligent memory. Having a place for everything prevents items from being stacked on top of each other in cabinets and prevents counter clutter.


The large drawers to the right of the refrigerator have wooden partitions installed by Kraftmaid. I used to have a deep drawer into which utensils were thrown. I donated additional utensils that were duplicates or were not used. Now everything has a Place and is easy to find!

Wooden tiered drawer storage is perfect for small utensils. I like that it uses the entire height of the drawer by including two sections. The top slides back to indicate a second space below. Genius!

We also selected a spice drawer insert. I like that all spices are at hand and easy to find. More search through the cabinets trying to find the right spice!

We live in several rented apartments and have used many different wardrobes. These are by far the most beautiful Cabinets, which we have used. They are solid, with maple construction and dovetail carpentry, have soft-close drawers and doors, and a variety of accessories and options. We love them!

My number one must have large sidewalks in the room was. This makes working in space much more functional. Several People (and two Dogs!) can be in the room and not constantly bump into each other. If space allows, 42-in the. wide is a good rule of thumb for aisles in kitchens.


Throughout the room we went with black stainless steel appliances from Samsung. I love the cool version of Stainless and how it stands out from the glossy white cabinets.


For the countertops, we went with a quartz look marble, arabesque white Silestone. I like that we get the look of marble, but without maintenance. It is extremely durable, resistant to heat, stains, scratches and shocks and never needs to be sealed!

The open shelf was a DIY-we used white oak which was cut to fit our space and hidden steel racks. We are able to keep it clean and tidy by eliminating dishes we have not used and keeping everyday dishes in stacks at hand. I love the open feeling and the warmth it gives to the room!

Lighting and accessories

With our wooden ceiling, we can’t just use recessed fixtures, so it was important to have a variety of lights. Large pendants illuminate the island, sconces above the open shelves illuminate the outdoor countertops. Under-shelf lighting produces a soft light that also illuminates the countertops.

And did I mention that all lighting, furniture and most Accessories are in the Home Depot! I’m madness with our Space and how it came together. Before, I was afraid to be in our kitchen because it was dark and narrow. Now this is my favorite room in the house!

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