Recently, I’ve been itching to make some changes to our dining room. It started by looking for new dining chairs, then quickly became a reflection on how we use our space.

Most nights, we sit around the table with the family to have dinner and discuss our day. I’d like to replace our older chairs with something that better complements my style and brightens the room. I am so grateful to update with the Home Depot on my partner room.

The Inspiration for the space comes from my love for neutral colors superimposed on black, white and natural wood tones. While I would still use most of my existing furniture, I’m happy to share how a few updates can change the feel of the room.

Before, I loved the freedom to mix and match our chairs. The two different styles worked well together, creating a casual, laid-back aesthetic.

Currently, I want a more sophisticated Look. With so many options makes something attractive that can be easily cleaned, the most logical. Spills happen!

Selection of new Chairs

The Home Depot has a wide selection of chairs for each home. I went through a variety of styles before finally choosing a Set.

The Safavieh Riley chairs perfectly match my existing table. I like the feeling of cohesion! They were easy to assemble and are well made.

Although the chairs are available in different colors, including natural wood, raspberry and white, I chose black chairs. I like the contrast of the wooden table with the black chairs.

Updated Lighting

In addition to the chairs, we wanted to update the lighting for a new Look. We exchanged the old light for a simple lamp that I like. We have lower ceilings, so the Duncan recessed mount is ideal for the size of our room.

Then I gathered my supplies-KILZ brand primer, black paint, paintbrush and painter’s tape.

I chose the Black color Glidden in a satin finish. Living with three dogs that go in and out of the door again and again, I needed a shine that is washable.

Painting the door frame made a big difference. The Black color improves the view of the door and draws the eyes upwards, making the ceiling a little larger.

Fresh greens enliven the space. To make the dining room brighter, I visited the Home Depot garden center to buy plants. I was immediately attracted to the leaves of the plant Pilea peperomioides.

This view makes me so happy! A simple refresh can give new life to existing furniture.

If you are looking for dining room chairs or want to furnish the whole house, you should consider Home Depot’s furniture decoration selection. They offer styles that match any room that needs to be renovated or renovated.

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