The day has finally arrived and it’s time to unveil our Carolina Room Remodel. This project came with challenges ranging from learning to many types of painting, to the challenge of building the most furniture I’ve ever built for a single room.

This room was a big sweet brown box with lots of bachelorette furniture and everything they “hide”from their guests. It was not a functional space and we did not use it for more than a year! Talk about a waste of space.


We wanted to transform our sad living room, otherwise known as” Sunroom”, into a bright and functional space for Liv (our 15mb daughter) and entertaining friends. This space is especially important to us as our family continues to grow. We needed a space in which we could all grow! We want to refresh the space to create a modern Boho style with floor-to-ceiling white colors, built-in window sills and Cubbies for toys, a handcrafted coffee table, multimedia cabinet and toddler table, and bring a lot of life to the space with potted and hanging plants.

It was one of the biggest DIY projects I’ve ever tried. I have never built so much furniture for a single project, which is so exciting!


All this space turned out exactly as I had imagined. This room was designed to be a place for my daughter to play and hang out for us while entertaining friends. Liv’s toys took over our living room, so we decided to give her and us a space in which we could grow for years.

I used these storage baskets for their toys for easy access and a piece of plywood for a fun old school Green Board.

This tasseled area rug had the perfect color and soft touch for the Liv side of the Carolina room.

I added These LED Home Decorators Fans with remote controls for energy efficiency. The elegant modern style went well with the Design.

Tripod lamps have long been a favorite of mine and has amazing decor for incredibly good prices!

We have improved the door trims to match the matte black with Schlage.

One of my favorite coffee tables I’ve built so far! This modern table was the perfect mix of natural wood and color.

Our Carolina room has received the perfect conversion fit for guest entertainment and our growing family. I learned so much about myself as a woodworker when I made all this furniture.

I hope this inspires you to occupy a space that you are not in or have no functionality for, and make it something amazing.

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